Prescription Adaptation

Prescription Adaptation / $14

In Nova Scotia your pharmacist is now able to change your prescription (drug, dosage form, dose, quantity) if he or she believes it will improve your health. To guarantee optimal care, this service includes a faxed notification form to your doctor informing them of this change and a monitoring plan so that the pharmacist and patient are comfortable knowing the change has worked as well as planned. 

Offering this service can save you the hassle of making an appointment to go back and see your doctor or traveling to a walk-in clinic. 

Some examples of when this service might be valuable are situations where your prescribed medication:

  • Is not available from the manufacturer. A substitute can be made to something that is similar and is available.
  • Is not covered by your drug plan or is very expensive. A substitute can be made something that works just as well but fits better with you budget.
  • Might cause you harm or not make you better. The pharmacist can change the dose, dosage form or quantity to ensure you get well soon.